What is Detroit Bikes?

Founded in 2011, Detroit Bikes provides a number of different bicycle related services to various types of customers. Primarily, we are a bike frame manufacturer making quality commuter bicycles under our name brand and following Detroit’s long traditions of excellence in manufacturing and design. We also assemble, distribute, source and contract manufacture. For our Detroit Bikes branded bikes we manufacture the frames, build the wheels, paint and assemble in house. We are the only bike manufacturer in Detroit!

What is a commuter bike?

A commuter bike is for getting around. It is designed to function at its best on streets and in bike lanes. Good commuter bikes are durable, simple bikes requiring minimal maintenance.

What is an internal gear hub?

An internal gear hub houses all the shifting mechanisms inside a cylinder. This allows for a smoother shift through speeds and requires less maintenance. The base level A and B Type bikes are built with a Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal gear hub. This design was “born out of necessity in urban sprawls where bicycle transportation is a way of life. All the gear mechanisms, seals and robust construction have been meticulously engineered to deliver accurate and smooth shifting.” Learn more about the difference between an internal gear hub and external gear derailer in this video.

How much of the bikes you make are made in Detroit?

100% of our bike frames are manufactured in our Detroit factory, as are some of the other parts. We use chromoly steel (4130 true temper) sourced from US manufacturers. We also paint, assemble, wheel build and package in house. Check out our gallery to see what happens day-to-day in the factory.

How is Detroit Bikes different?

At some point bicycle companies, and many other American companies, quit making the products they sell. They instead market and sell products they buy from someone else. This trend hit the bike industry especially hard. Right now 99.5% of bikes sold in the United States are made by overseas manufacturers.  Detroit Bikes is highly unusual in that we are more than just a brand- we also have a factory making the products we sell.

Does Detroit Bikes offer a warranty?

All Detroit Bikes bicycles come with a lifetime frame warranty.